Positions available

Several positions available! Please read through for different job/project descriptions.

Human Gut Cell Atlas project is looking for a computational biologist

We are looking for a postdoctoral fellow to join as a computational biologist an interdisciplinary team aiming to create a cellular atlas of the human gut. In close collaboration with  Drs. Sebastian Pott, Eugene Chang,  and Matthew Stephens at UChicago, we are working to generate cellular and molecular maps of the intestine, particularly terminal ileum and ascending colon. We use these maps to compare against the aberrant mucosa in ileal and ileal-colonic Crohn’s Disease. We plan to leverage single cell data generated to also test response to pro-inflammatory stimuli and drugs in normal and patient-derived organoids as models to test cellular response to environmental and microbial triggers as well as drug efficacy. The ideal candidate will have a strong computational background and experience in analyzing single cell genomics assays, including scRNA-seq and scATAC-seq. We are looking for an individual excited to be part of a team that includes biologists, clinicians, and statisticians; the candidate should be highly collaborative and comfortable in a team setting. We strive to provide a collegial and inclusive environment that nurtures scientific creativity and rigor. If interested, please contact onibasu at uchicago.edu with a brief statement of research interest, CV, and two references with their email addresses.

Lab Manager

We are looking for a motivated, research focused individual to join our lab as the Lab Manager. This is an exciting opportunity to work on high throughput single cell genomics experiments. We are looking for a candidate who has significant experience with pipetting, PCR, running gels, constructing Next-Generation Sequencing libraries, handling RNA, and is eager to learn other techniques. Optical microscopy experience is a plus. Experience in single cell genomics is desired. Responsibilities will include the following non-laboratory duties: assisting with developing or amending research protocols, assisting with equipment scheduling and maintenance, placing lab orders, tracking inventory, supervising research technicians, collaborating with other labs/ researchers, and providing general administrative support. Responsibilities may include the following laboratory duties: help setting up and performing experiments (10x Genomics and Drop-seq), interacting with students and other laboratory staff under the direction of the principal investigator, overall lab management and maintenance. Bachelor’s degree in a field relevant to the research and a minimum of four years of relevant research experience are required. If interested, please contact Oni Basu (onibasu at uchicago.edu) with a CV and a reference.

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Seeking second- or third-year undergraduate student in Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Physics, Molecular Engineering, or any related field. Proficiency in one or more of the following is desired but not essential: image analysis (ImageJ, Python), 3D modeling and simulation (AutoCAD, Trimble SketchUp), 3D printing (Lulzbot, Form 3), ImageJ, Python.

The student will primarily assist with fluorescent microscopy of the models under high flow followed by image processing in ImageJ and Python. Additional responsibilities involve device fabrication (3D printing, microfluidics device fabrication) and optical microscopy and image analysis. Future responsibilities may include endothelial cell culture, single-cell sequencing, and downstream data analysis. The student will assist Dylan Cook, graduate student in GGSB on experiments and data processing, under the guidance of Dr. Bingqing Xie, Staff Scientist, Dr. Mary Hammes, Associate Professor of Nephrology, and Dr. Oni Basu, Assistant Professor of Genetic Medicine. Please contact Oni Basu (onibasu at uchicago.edu) for further information or to apply.